Birtenshaw College Enterprise!

At the college we are always on the lookout for new initiatives and opportunities for our students. Our most recent is to become involved in work-experience and small scale business ventures, developing transferable skills.

This term our students have been working very hard on our very own ‘Business Enterprise Scheme’ and over the last few weeks they have created some truly unique, wonderful products. They have had first hand experience on seeing a business venture through from start to finish, from sourcing the materials to creating the gifts to then pricing and selling them. Students will be selling these hand-made gifts at the Birtenshaw College Christmas stall which is situated in Reception (at the college site) students have made the following-

• Festive cushions of various sizes
• Festive scented cushions
• Hyacinth plant pots
• Festive twig decorations
• Hand-made Christmas cards
• Angel marshmallow/mint imperials tubs

Our young people have taken part in different fun sessions such as sewing, horticulture, collecting twigs, as well as arts and crafts. The students have developed a variety of skills and gained experience of “mass production”

It goes without saying that we have had a lot of fun along the way!

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