Ditching the drink for Birtenshaw

It’s just over a week into the new year and the Dryathon is going well for David Reid, CEO of Birtenshaw.

David, who admits that he enjoys the odd tipple, decided to ditch the booze for January and use the detox as a way to raise money for Birtenshaw to mark the charity’s 60th anniversary.

David said: “Generally it’s going well, although I’m only six days in.  

“I had my last drink just before midnight on new year’s eve so I was fine over the weekend until Sunday night when I really felt like a glass of wine.David-sky-dive-1_262x135_acf_cropped_262x135_acf_cropped

“During the week so far, I have not missed the occasional glass of wine but have started to dread the upcoming weekend and realised just how must I enjoy the odd glass. I use it to relax so I am replacing drinking with other things. I am playing tennis tonight for the first time in 35 years!”

So far David has raised an amazing £686 towards his £1,000 target.

Before the challenge began, David said: “It will be a challenge for me, but it’s nothing compared to the daily challenges faced by disabled young people, who are supported by Birtenshaw every day.

“They inspire me. A simple smile can light up my day.  

“It doesn’t seem to matter what their condition or disability is, they just get on with life.”

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