Jonah’s Story

I started at Birtenshaw in November 2013. As I have had bad experiences in the past I was really nervous about joining a new school and meeting new people. I always used to keep my head down and never make eye contact. As I grew to know the staff I eventually made eye contact and started to speak to them.

Over the time I spent at JonahBirtenshaw I learned to interact with people more and more. I became confidant within myself and socialising with others.

Playing guitar always helped me to express how I was feeling. So when the staff allowed me to start bring in my guitar in I felt a lot better because I could communicate through lyrics.

In June 2014 I completed my first ever GCSE paper. Which I was quite happy with.

In November 2014, I moved on to attend a mainstream college in Preston. Studying Performing Arts, Maths and English. I am really enjoying myself, as I have friends of my own age.

My time at Birtenshaw has really helped me to progress to greater things and the staff have pushed me to achieve certain goals. I feel as though I am a happier person than I used to be. Knowing and meeting all of the Birtenshaw staff has been brilliant.

I will be keeping in touch with Birtenshaw in the future because over the time I was there I built up very good friendships with many of the staff.


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