Adult Short Breaks Centre

In March 2016 Birtenshaw launched its new Adult Short Breaks Centre, the first residential short breaks facility in the area which is able to provide all year round care for up to eight young people.ShortBreaks

The centre has been designed to support young adults and their families and/or carers, providing individualized comprehensive care plans and robust assessments to ensure the needs of each person can be met by the service.  Split between two levels we support young people with physical and learning disability, as well as complex health needs.

Young adults can have a ‘home from home’ experience, with opportunities to socialize with peers, become involved in a variety of new activities, work towards independent skills and receive specialist care during their stay.

ShortBreaks2All beneficiaries have access to a variety of facilities onsite and offsite including a sensory room, hydrotherapy pool, inclusive gym, animal small holding, adaptive cycling and ample outside space.

Abbie Marron, Registered Manager for Adult Short Breaks said:

“I feel privileged to be involved in this new venture into adult services and short breaks. I enjoy seeing young adults and parents reactions to the facilities we provide and hope that this centre will enable not only present young adults but also young adults in the future to enjoy an exceptional service where memories will be made…Each member of the team has a wealth of experience supporting young adults with a disability, and are able


to create not only a nurturing and fun environment”.

The facilities and support provided by the Adult Short Breaks Centre has been a much needed addition to the area, and since opening has received a

remarkable amount of interest from young adults and their families.

Speaking to one parent she described her relief when visiting the centre:

“After looking at 4 or 5 different placements for my 19 year old son with no success I had become despondent and a little worried then I viewed Birtenshaw…a weight was lifted off my shoulders and to be honest I shed tears of happiness.”

“The layout was what I wanted and wasn’t dissimilar from the previous place where my son had attended and been happy at previously. The staff showed passion and drive and I just knew this was where he needed to go.”

“I look forward to many happy years ahead!”

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