Throughout this week (16-20th November) our pupils have been showing their support for Anti-Bullying Week.

Sometimes bullying is verbal – an unkind nickname or upsetting taunt – other times it’s physical, whichever form is used the impact can be devastating. Although the fight against bullying takes place all year round in schools across the country, Anti-Bullying Week has given us a great opportunity to make a noise and show all those bullies out there that the pupils at Birtenshaw School have a voice.

Our Friday assembly we felt was the best opportunity for us to showcase what we had learnt about bullying this week with an Anti-Bullying play.

The play begins with a young person being bullied by one of their peers, then suddenly in a flash of light our very own Anti-Bullying superhero arrives.

Stop this bullying” He exclaimed “we are all friends in this uncertain world”

Importantly what we realised was in fact each one of us can be a superhero for someone and stop the spread of bullying.