College Team

Ewa Diezek

Role:Lead Educationalist/Teacher
Any Additional Expertise:PE teacher
Pen Portrait:

I am experienced and keen to support the personal and academic development of children and young adult with disabilities.

I have been working in Birtenshaw since 2008 .I was appointed as a teacher in Birtenshaw school 4 years ago but since 2014 I have been teaching at Birtenshaw College.

My particular interests are:

·       Post 19 educations – I have developed schemes of work to enable post 19 learners with moderate and significant disability to continue their education.

·       Working experience placement-I have developed the farm and horticulture garden to enable learners experience and develop working skills.

·       Inclusive sport activities – I have developed  a  range of different sport activities including cycling, yoga, swimming, gym, archery and many more which enable learners with disabilities improve  their  lives, develop skills and have fun.

·       Autism- behavior management plans

·       Developing leadership and management skills.