Kites Class pupil area

Food Technology - Eggs 07/03/2016


This week we looked at Eggs for a healthy breakfast choice.

Kites boiled, scrambled, poached and made omelettes with the eggs.

They did a CRACKING job!!


IMG_1001 IMG_1005 IMG_1007 IMG_1011

Numeracy - Maps 14/03/2016

We have been working on directions and map reading this half term.

We used little robots called Bee Bots to help us in our learning.

They are so much fun! We made our own maps for the Bee Bots to navigate around!

IMG_1374 IMG_1375 IMG_1377 IMG_1388 bee bot bee

24/7 Curriculum Spring 2 2016

24/7 Curriculum Summer 1 2016