On Monday 9th November pupils and students from Birtenshaw School and College began their three weeks of training for the Bolton Archery Competition. Filled with excitement our students were raring to go and get involved with this daring activity.

Many of you might think that without any prior experience anyone would find it difficult to even shoot an arrow in the right direction never mind hitting the target, but prepare to be amazed. Our young people took to it like ducks to water, within 5 minutes we were seeing bullseye’s and the room filled with cheering and laughter.

With two more training sessions to go we hope to see the fun and success continue as we take on Rumworth and Firwood High School on competition day – Monday 30th November – we hope to see you there.

It is great to see the inclusivity of sport being realised in our local community, young people with a disability taking part in sociable and fun sporting activities should not be met with barriers. So a big cheer for inclusivity I know our young people thoroughly enjoyed taking part.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the support and determination of The Sports & Active Living team at Bolton Council. Thank you to Jamie Ager for organising the event and Graham Mawhood for his exceptional coaching skills.