Bubbly Maths comes to Birtenshaw School, Bolton!

On Friday 27 September, Caroline aka “Bubbles” joined us from Bubbly Maths to show pupils lots of different ways to learn about shapes and measure. She used balloons to create a metre square and a metre cube and pupils were able to use them to measure the size of the school hall. Pupils even had to estimate how many people could fit inside the metre cube.


One group really enjoyed learning about scale, using sheets of A4 paper to create a HUGE sheet of paper which they then used to create a giant paper aeroplane. Unfortunately it didn’t fly very far but Osprey’s class are determined to make it work and have asked their class teacher if they can try again in Numeracy on Monday.

Caroline then joined the whole school for the end of the week assembly. Everyone enjoyed making their own metres and learning about shapes through balloons and bubbles! There was also a very big queue of pupils waiting to have a go and being inside a giant bubble!

A big thank you to Caroline from everyone at Birtenshaw School, thank you for making our Friday super fun!

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