Can We Fix It?

Yes we can!Can we fix it?

The summer fun at Birtenshaw continued this week with one of the young people from a Birtenshaw children’s home taking the opportunity to be Bob the Builder for the day at Diggerland in Yorkshire.

Birtenshaw Bob (not his real name….) was hard at work in the sunshine driving real full-size diggers and dumper trucks. He had a fantastic time honing his earth-moving skills, from directing the buckets on the digger to navigating the course on the dumper truck. Next time we need to do some landscaping at Birtenshaw maybe Bob will give us a hand!

Diggerland recently signed up to an ‘autism charter’ as part of a campaign called Connect to Autism. The idea is to create autism-friendly environments give people with autism, and their families, the confidence to go out into the community and to engage as equal citizens. You can find out more here:

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