Short Breaks Centre

At Birtenshaw Short Breaks, as with all Birtenshaw services is to ensure the young people live by ordinary life principles. The ultimate ethos of the service is to enhance life experiences through the development of independent skills but we believe that experiences can be fun as well as prepare young people for adulthood.

The young people enjoy positive activities both on site, such as feeding and tending to the small animals or enjoying arts and crafts, and off site, such as visiting farms, shopping centres and zoos. Young people are encouraged to take positive risks, participate in new activities and most importantly make friends with their peers.

Birtenshaw Short Breaks is located in the Tonge Moor area of Bolton. The service is split over two floors to accommodate up to six placements at any one time. The split level maximises compatibility in terms of appropriate age ranges, abilities and degree of vulnerability. There is an onsite multi-sensory/quiet room, a sensory garden, MUGA, inclusive gym and a small animal holding containing goats, rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. All are designed to maximise the positive experience the young people have, when enjoying their short break stay.

Latest Ofsted judgment: Good

Farm yard fun

Cook up a storm

Birtenshaw short breaks ‘jump extreme’

Picasso’s Creations

Ten pin bowling at its best

Back to nature