Last week the pupils took part our first ever 2 hour Dance-a-thon extravaganza hosted by Friends of Birtenshaw.

Celebrating musidanceathon collagec from across the 60 years that Birtenshaw has been established, the young people and staff got their groove on and showed off their dance moves.

60 years incorporates a lot of different types of music so everyone had the opportunity to dance along to their favourite tunes and practice their groovy moves on the dance floor.

And we all know that there is no such thing as a Dance-a-thon without a few surprises, so after our warm up session, the main lights were off and the disco began, glow-sticks and colourful disco balls lit up the room. The enthusiasm was so infectious that even the Chief Executive couldn’t miss the opportunity to get involved.

All that was needed was an impromptu dance-off, and would you believe it, it happened!

On behalf of Friends of Birtenshaw we want to say a big thank you to everyone that took part, shared their dancing skills, and donated!


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