The winner of Employee of the Month for September 2019 is Kevin Metcalfe, Learning Support Assistant at Birtenshaw School, Bolton.

‘Since the commencement of autumn term 2019, Kevin has delivered a new session in school developing life skills and work skills with a focus on supporting pupils to develop, improve social interaction and teamwork. He works with each class for half a day a week and has delivered a garden project – showing pupils how to use equipment safely, what to wear, how to use tools etc. The feedback from pupils and staff has been excellent, with pupils who struggle to engage in their learning are involved for the full one and a half hour sessions. Kevin’s planned and prepared his lessons to a high standard and he has even sourced materials in his personal time.

Kevin has shown outstanding commitment to the project and has been able to motivate and galvanize staff and pupils from every class – differentiating the sessions to meet the needs of everyone. Not only is his work supporting pupils to develop new skills, but the outside spaces around school are being cultivated and improved through the work he is leading.‘

Kaylie Crompton – Head of Service (Birtenshaw School, Bolton).


Congratulations Kevin, keep up the good work!