Here at Birtenshaw College, we provide realistic, work experience opportunities for students to help them experience what it would be like to be part of an realistic work setting.
We offer land based opportunities and have recently added a polytunnel to our ever-expanding grounds.

In the polytunnel, students have the opportunity to grow their own food and thanks to their hard work, we already have basil, garlic and lettuce growing in the polytunnel. polytunnel

When ready, students will be able to use these ingredients in their Home Cooking lessons!
The young people are shown how to grow and nurture their produce and also gain different sensory experiences such as touching, feeling and smelling different items such as soil, seeds and water.

They also learn new skills such as using a watering can and raking soil.
There are experiences that meet the abilities of each and every student so all the young adults get to add their own personal touch to our polytunnel!