Leah Kemp Silver Trophy winner at Pearson National Teaching Awards 2019


On 20 October 2019 a group of colleagues, family and friends attended the Pearson National Teaching Awards in London to celebrate an outstanding, inspiring and creative class teacher at Birtenshaw School, Bolton.

Leah Kemp is an inspirational and resilient woman who has always put the safety and happiness of pupils first, despite facing some incredibly difficult personal challenges over the past 18 months.

Since starting at Birtenshaw School, Bolton Leah has taken on additional responsibilities such as overseeing ‘pupil voice’, liaising with school Governors and implementing and monitoring the ‘post card home’ system to share amazing work and achievements with parents. She is one of the “go to” teachers for other staff who want advice and support with teaching, learning and assessment and, despite her busy schedule she always makes time to support others.

Leah’s strength lies in cultivating high expectations for pupils and supporting other staff to do the same. The atmosphere in Leah’s classroom is calm and purposeful and her management of Learning Support Assistants clearly demonstrates strong team work and mutual respect.

Over the past two years Leah has had four lessons graded as “Outstanding” and one graded as “Good with Outstanding” and this high quality of teaching is observed throughout the school year not just in formal observations. In everything that she does, Leah encourages independence, promotes confidence and self-esteem and praises pupils for every small step of progress they make.

Leah’s strengths lie in her ability to adapt, differentiate and innovate on the spot. She takes positive risks and teaches to every conceivable learning style in every lesson. Leah faces challenges with enthusiasm and creativity; finding ways for pupils to learn outside of the classroom and apply their learning to real life experiences. She works collaboratively with external organisations and has arranged many activities including work experience at nature reserves, volunteering with older people and numerous trips to local business and emergency services. Leah never seeks recognition or reward, she is humble and deferent and because of this all who meet her find her approachable, well respected and well liked.

Kaylie Crompton: Head of School wanted to recognise Leah as the outstanding teacher she is and nominated her for the ‘Secondary Teacher of the Year’ award. Out of tens and thousands of nominees; Leah was awarded the Silver Trophy and invited to the prestigious Pearson National Teaching Awards in London which aired on BBC Two on 26 October 2019.

It was a fantastic evening and a lovely way to celebrate all the hard work, dedication and commitment seen in schools all over the UK.



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