Melissa Cooper – Consumer Marketing Manager Joie International presented Birtenshaw School, Bolton with a brand new Fiat 35 Maxi 13 seater welfare minibus in conjunction with Sunshine Variety Coaches.

The new specially adapted Sunshine Coach is needed to replace their old heavily used minibus that has become excessively unreliable and expensive to maintain. The new coach will enable children and young people to travel safely and explore the outside world, thus practicing essential social and communication skills, encouraging their independence, enriching their quality of life and preparing them for adult life in the community.

‘The minibus has made a huge difference at Birtenshaw School and all the pupils want to use it and all the staff want to drive it! It is the biggest minibus we have and as a result we are able to transport more pupils together which has been hugely beneficial in supporting pupils to develop their social interaction and communication skills as they can now travel with their friends. Some pupils have only ever travelled in vehicles on their own so this is a big breakthrough for some’.

Kaylie Crompton – Head of Service Birtenshaw School, Bolton

Birtenshaw would like to thank both Sunshine Variety and Joie International for the generous sponsorship of the new minibus