Positive Activities

It has been a busy week for the young people at one of Birtenshaw’s Children’s homes.

At the weekend, the young people enjoyed a great day out to the seaside. Taking advantage of one of the few recent warm days, they had a stroll on the beach and rode their scooters on the seafront. They also spent time in the arcade and particularly enjoyed pretending to be racing drivers!

On another afternoon, the young people also enjoyed a picnic at the airport. For some, it was the first time they have seen aeroplanes take off and land at such close quarters which is always fascinating to see. Later that afternoon, the young people spent some time in the park and helped feed the ducks.

To top off a busy couple of weeks, Paul* had a great day celebrating his 18th birthday. He particularly enjoyed opening his many presents and going out for dinner at Toby Carvery, his choice of restaurant.

It has been a busy week at this home, with the young people attending school and getting up to lots more. The same can be said across the children’s homes however, where staff encourage young people to try new experiences and participate in a wide range of positive activities and interests.

To find out more about the children’s care services Birtenshaw offer please follow: https://birtenshaw.org.uk/childrens-care-services/

*name changed

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