Science Week at Birtenshaw School Bolton – March 2018

Monday 12 March 2018 was the start of Science Week, at Birtenshaw School Bolton, which focused on exploration and investigation with:

  • Magnetic Monday
  • Weather Wednesday
  • Funky Friday

Each day pupils conducted lots of different experiments relating to the days theme. On Magnetic Monday pupils enjoyed racing magnetic cars, creating beautiful art with magnetic paints, squashing and squeezing magnetic slime and exploring how different liquid interact with magnets

On Weather Wednesday pupils made rain, a hurricane, fog and even a tornado in a jar using a whole variety of different ingredients and techniques.

Finally on Funky Friday pupils really enjoyed a whole range of crazy experiments. They made huge, colourful elephant toothpaste, erupting volcanos, glow in the dark rainbow balls, floating eggs and glow in the dark sand. Two of the most favourite experiments from the week were making rain in a jar and making elephant toothpaste. Everyone got involved and had lots of fun. It was lovely to see pupils engage in the learning…without even realising!


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