All the preparation and planning has finally led up to the performance of Shrek today 20 July 2016. All term pupils at Birtenshaw School have been painting, sewing and creating props, rehearsing their lines and practising their dances. At 13.30 this afternoon nearly 80 parents, carers and friends plus all pupils and staff from Birtenshaw School gathered in the hall waiting in anticipation for Shrek Collagethe start of Birtenshaw Schools take on Shrek!

The performance was a brilliant success and all the parents, carers, friends, staff and, of course, the stars of the show clapped, danced and sang along with huge smiles.

After the pupils had taken their bows and the music had finished, a table filled with trophies, medals and certificates was brought into the hall. Everyone celebrated the achievements of each pupil as they came to the front to collect their awards from Cllr Linda Thomas, Deputy Leader of Bolton Council.

Everyone enjoyed cakes and refreshments  in the social space after the award ceremony.

The feedback from the parents, carers, friends and family has been lovely to read, this is what people had to say:

“What a proud parent I am to see my son achieve so much, his self-esteem is fantastic to see”

“It is a pleasure to see how well both the staff and children get together and the pleasure experienced by both parties is obvious.”

“Watching the young people is such an honour. Keep up the amazing work that you do Birtenshaw”

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