Super Learning Week

As part of our 60th Anniversary Celebrations pupils at Birtenshaw School took part in #SuperLearningWeek and visited each decade since Birtenshaw was established.
Firs1960st up on Monday were the 1950’s; this included a presentation of all the exciting things that happened in the 1950’s then pupils created Pop Art inspired by the decade using fruit to create images of their own faces. They then made flags and crowns  and re-enacted a street party from the  Queen’s Coronation during which they enjoyed ice-cream and jelly!

On Tuesday they moved on to the 1960’s, the decade of the moon landing, the England World Cup victory, and of course, the invention of the game Twister. They took part in a big game of Twister in the hall and made their own Flowerpot Men; pupils were glad that TV has changed since the popularity of that children’s programme! The 1960s saw Tie-Dye taking off so pupils created their own funky designs before finishing off the day with a good old-fashioned hand jive and choc ices.

70s Collage


On Wednesday, they saw everything that the 1970’s had to offer including the first Star Wars film! Then they moved on to a games room where they had a variety of different games including Snakes and Ladders and Battleship. The 1970’s wouldn’t have been complete without a school disco and the decade’s favourite dessert – Angel Delight.

90s Collage

Thursday saw a slightly bigger leap forward in time as we moved to the 1990’s and the pop icons The Spice Girls and Take That. The pupils created their own lava lamps in an Arts and Crafts session before making mini pizzas with all their favourite toppings!

Into Friday and the 2000’s, where we had a photo booth with lots of props from the fashions of the decades for the pupils to pose with. Pupils were then able to make  Harry Potter style potions class where all sorts of magic was created. Finally, pupils then made party poppers and hats to wear for the big Millennium Countdown at the end of the day!

The fun didn’t stop there, on Monday, pupils went back in time again, this time to the 1980’s.  Each class took it in turns to do a music and dance workshop in the hall. We sang and played instruments through the decades and then played skittles, skipping and hopscotch before rounding off #SuperLearningWeek with some wonderful dancing from throughout the decades.

#SuperLearningWeek is just one of the many different ways we are celebrating Birtenshaw’s 60th Anniversary, culminating in a Gala Dinner hosted at the Last Drop Hotel in Bolton. If you’d like to find out more about the Gala Dinner or if you’d like to enquire about being a corporate sponsor then please get in touch on 01204 304230.

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