After hitting the gym and losing weight Kaylie Crompton (Head of Service: Birtenshaw School, Bolton) has challenged herself to five big events in 2020 so that she ‘ can raise some funds for the wonderful children and young people she has worked with over the past 7 years…Brightening Lives and Building Futures’

  1. 24 May – Kaylie will be running with Team Birtenshaw in the Manchester 10K run (not walking at halfway like last year)
  2. 14 June – 10 mile Tough Mudder…she has never done it before but it will be great practice for the week after…
  3. 21 June – Kaylie will be embarking on a 5K, 23 obstacle long, VERY muddy course around Salford Quays …probably ending up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator!
  4. 29 August – she will be doing her longest open water swim yet, in the chilly waters of Loch Lomond. The 3K swim is set in deep dark waters…here’s hoping Nessy might hop into this Loch from Loch Ness and give her a lift, but that is only a pipe dream at the moment.
  5. ..after a wetsuit change of course…she’ll be hopping into her hiking boots and climbing the 17K Ben Nevis

Anyway if you would like to sponsor Kaylie please click on the link below (it started as a triple challenge; hence the URL…)

Many thanks for your support!