The students and staff at Birtenshaw College have been working very hard towards their end of term production ‘Rocking Around the World.’ The performance, which was inspired by the work the students have been doing to develop their understanding of different cultures, celebrated art and culture from around the globe. They used art, music, drama and dance to explore the seven continents.
All the props and costumes were designed and made by the students throughout the term and it was delightful to see them being showcased at this event. All of the students at Birtenshaw College have used this opportunity to help them build their portfolios which will contribute to them achieving an Arts Award.
The atmosphere was lively as family, friends, carers and staff took their seats in the audience and got ready for a travel extravaganza. Despite some nerves, all the students took part and remembered their stage directions, dance moves and lines perfectly. Both the audience and the cast had great fun throughout the performance – showing us how enjoyable it can be to learn!
Well done Birtenshaw College!