Woodlands Trust Silver Award for Birtenshaw School, Bolton

This spring term at Birtenshaw School, Bolton pupils have worked hard to get both The Woodland Trust – Green Tree Schools and the Eco Schools Silver Awards.

All pupils are involved in different activities around school that will help towards the awards.

We are using recycling bins located throughout the school to recycle paper and plastic and taking them to be recycled each week. We have expanded our ‘litter picks’ from the local community to different places we regularly visit such as a pony riding centre.

‘Buzzards’ class have loved litter picking sessions at the centre whilst going out for walks with the ponies.

We get together regularly to talk different ideas that will help us to look after the environment and in March past, we even planted our own trees around some of the outdoor spaces at school.

Through all the hard work that is going on we are hoping that we will get the Eco Schools Green Flag and The Woodland Trust – Green Tree Gold award in the very near future.

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