Adult Care Services

Birtenshaw Adult Care Services are provided for young adults from the age of 18 through our three main areas of supported tenancies, domiciliary care services and short break facilities. They are available to young adults who have a physical disability, including complex health needs and / or a learning disability, including Autism Spectrum Conditions.

Supported Tenancies provide young adults with the experiences of independent living in an environment tailored to their particular needs, with a focus on developing life skills, building on strengths and abilities and opening new opportunities for further education and work placements.

Our Domiciliary Care Services provide care for adults in their home environment, supporting young adults with their personal care needs and offering daytime enrichment programmes to help develop and strengthen life skills.

Adult Care Services are also enhanced by our newly opened Adults Short Breaks Centre which provides young adults with a ‘mini-holiday’ experience which, through positive activity programmes, further develops individual ability, personality and interests.

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