Hydrotherapy Pool

The hydrotherapy pool is 25 metres long, with a multi-sensory sound and light system including spot lights, matrix lights, underwater lights and projectors to facilitate sensory stimulation.

Sensory Integration Room

The goal of a Sensory Integration room is to provide a safe place where someone who has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) can go when they need to either calm or stimulate their senses. Staff support pupils to follow their sensory diet which regulates the senses and promotes a calm alert state.

Immersive Room

Immersive sensory rooms create a realistic setting and ‘immerse’ you into an interactive world within the room, from an underwater scene to an historical landmark. This room also has sensory light equipment to provide visual stimulation and promote communication.

Sensory Soft Play

Soft play encourages gross motor development, as pupils can work on stepping, climbing, crawling, jumping and rolling. This room encourages exploration, physical development and communication as well as offering highly motivating opportunities for teaching and learning across the curriculum.

Life Skills

Pupils are encouraged to learn various activities that they will encounter in their everyday lives. From being responsible for their own belongings to making a bed, pupils have the opportunity to practice these skills here, the goal being to help encourage a greater level of independence in the home and in the community.


The Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) is a large outdoor space suitable for a broad range of sports activities including various ball games, using equipment designed to develop balance and gross motor skills such as bikes, trikes and scooters.


The school hall is a multi-use space. It is used for dining at lunch, for P.E. lessons when an indoor space is required, and for whole school events such as assemblies and shows.


The rebound therapy room offers pupils the opportunity to access rebound therapy from trained staff. We have a recessed trampoline meaning that the facility is accessible to all pupils and the floors and walls are padded to keep the setting as safe as possible.

Outdoor Play Area

The outdoor play area consists of climbing frames, slides and tunnels to provide play activities. Pupils have a place to burn off energy and explore their physical abilities through play, in a fun environment. The equipment draws on play activities such as crawling through, climbing up, and sliding down, ensuring long playtimes, high physical activity and all-round physical development of children.