Children’s Homes

Birtenshaw Children’s Homes are at the heart of our Children’s Care Services, providing a safe, homely environment for children with a physical disability, complex health needs and a learning disability including Autism Spectrum Conditions.

Located in the Bolton area, our Children’s Homes are ordinary houses, indistinguishable from their neighbours. However inside they are adapted to suit the individual physical and sensory needs of the young people who reside there.

Up to four young people live together in an environment which is based on ordinary life principles. While they are supervised by a dedicated, experienced and well trained staff team, the Children’s Home is the main home of the young people. The staff encourage young people to make choices about all aspects of life at their home. This includes personalising bedrooms and designing communal areas to reflect the habits and interests of the young people living there.

Life at the children’s homes is built around positive activity, with staff actively encouraging children and young people to try new experiences and participate in a wide range of sports, activities and interests in the evening and at weekends.