Curriculum / Prospectus / Classes

The Curriculum at Birtenshaw School Merseyside supports the vision of ‘Transforming Lives’ by giving pupils the opportunity to learn and develop in a supportive and creative environment in which there is a focus upon recognising achievement and supporting progression. The school provides a broad and balanced curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage for pre-school aged pupils and National Curriculum for those pupils of compulsory school age. The curriculum is individualised and flexible allowing for the needs of each pupil to be met.

The curriculum is separated into 6 areas; English, Maths, Science, Creative Curriculum, Design Technology and PSHE. Through these subject areas, teachers plan daily learning opportunities to cover the whole curriculum, including making the best use of the facilities and therapy rooms in school as well opportunities for visits and trips out of school. This is blended with opportunities for pupils to develop functional skills, independence skills and skills for working life as appropriate. We use a phonics based approach to support the development of reading, writing and spelling. All progress in the curriculum is monitored and we track on a half termly basis using the SOLAR tracking system for special schools. Individual targets are set for every child based on their EHCP and their prior attainment.

During their initial 12 week assessment period, pupils are assessed by our school’s Occupational Therapist (OT) and Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT). Each pupil then benefits from a personalised timetable, which will include therapeutic input based on the ongoing assessments carried out by OT and SaLT. This multi-agency approach to development enables teachers and class teams to set precise and focussed targets pertinent to the individual pupil.

The school day is structured to allow for opportunities for the development of social and self-help skills, through morning routine, snack time, positive activities during lunch breaks and groupings which allow activities such as turn-taking and the development of communication skills.

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