Woodlands Trust Bronze Award for Birtenshaw School, Bolton

Pupils at Birtenshaw School, Bolton have been working towards both The Woodland Trust – Green Tree Schools and the Eco Schools Bronze Awards.

‘Buzzards’ and ‘Merlins’ classes have been exploring nearby woodland, collecting lots of different materials to create beautiful pieces of art.

Pupils created woodland scenes and spoke about all the things they could hear and see whilst in the woods, using leaves to create leaf masks and recreate pictures of different woodland animals.

‘Goshawks’ class are celebrating the beauty and benefits of trees by undertaking a tree dressing challenge.

‘Ospreys’ and ‘Kestrels’ classes have designed their own tree champion and experienced “a Midsummers Night’s Dream” during the woodland Shakespeare challenge.

As a result of all the hard work, Birtenshaw School, Bolton has been awarded The Woodland Trust, Green Tree Bronze Award and the Eco Schools Bronze Award.

The work goes on though as pupils are already planning more activities to achieve the silver award !











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